“Innerspace is a center for ongoing practice of meditation, movement, body awareness and healing arts”

Including several forms of Buddhist meditation, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Feldenkrais, Yoga, Sufi dance meditation

About Us

Innerspace is a center for ongoing practice of meditation, movement, and healing arts. We are located in NW Oklahoma City in a shared space with the Windsong Dojo.
Our vision is for a community space that supports the needs of those in central Oklahoma seeking ongoing practices for inner healing and transformation.

We are the home of meditation practice groups  that offer open practice times supported by donation.
Our space is also used by several movement and healing arts teachers.

Please contact the groups and instructors directly with questions and registration information.

Visit our schedule page for contact information of each group.


All  Innerspace classes are held at Windsong Dojo, located at 2201 NW I-44 Service Rd., Oklahoma City, OK 73112. The main entrance is located at the rear of Windsong Dojo, on the north side (look for the Innerspace sign). If you have any questions, call 943-6246.


Ongoings Practice Groups and Classes

Contact each group leader for more information.

6:30 PM
ZY Qigong Practice
Louise (405) 947 -3595

6:00 PM
Molly (303) 589-9732

7:30 PM
Vipassana Meditation
Bhante (405) 600-4832

6:15 PM
Mindfulness Meditation
Maurice (405) 519-2447

8:00 PM
Refuge Recovery
Chris (405) 633-3568

5:30 PM
BaGua Practice
Ben (405) 760-1892

7:15 PM
Mamaste Yoga – Prenatal Yoga
Karen (405) 320-YOGA (9642)

6:30 PM

Tibetan Meditation for the Modern World
Louise (405) 947 -3595

10:00 AM
Tai Chi
Rick (405) 948-8504

3:30 PM
Movement Meditation
Anne (405) 821-0973 or annecbrodie@gmail.com

8:00 AM
Kuan Um School of Zen
Dave (405) 248-7480

1:30 PM on the 1st Sunday of every month
Transforming Inner Obstacles
Steven (405) 659-6959

4:30 pm
Refuge Recovery
Chris (405) 633-3568