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Saturday mornings at 10:00 am


$5 per class


Group leader

Rick Krause



(405) 948-8504







T’ai Chi Ch’uan is a graceful yoga of meditation in motion, and it can be learned by anyone.


Practitioners develop skills in maintaining the relaxation response while exercising and stretching their bodies. In addition, T'ai Chi Ch’uan can be thought of as an assertive means of self-defense.


T’ai Chi Ch’uan teaches one how to maintain calm centeredness so that conflict and stress can be managed in a flexible, give-and-take manner. Accurate, repeated practice is said to retrain posture, encourage circulation throughout the students’ bodies, maintain flexibility through their joints, and further familiarize students with the martial application sequences implied by the various forms. But the ultimate goal of T'ai Chi Ch’uan is to live without fear and to be at peace with life.


Sifu Rick Krause has studied T’ai Chi since 1973 and has been teaching T’ai Chi since 1975. He has studied under Grand Master, Wei Lun Huang since 1986, and currently teaches classes in Yang style T’ai Chi, T’ai Chi Chi Kung, Two person T’ai Chi, T’ai Chi Sword, Lei Ho Ba Fa and meditation.


His philosophy is to foster a learning climate of cooperation and mutual support with an appreciation for a diverse interest in many aspects of this healing art, from self defense to spiritual growth. He and his students have classes several days a week, and at several locations in the metropolitan area of Oklahoma City.

Sifu Rick Krause

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