Mindful Oklahoma—Mindfulness for Real life

Meditation Groups

Thursday nights at 7:00 pm

“Mindfulness... a wise choice to more effectively cope with our current local and national challenges.”


We provide opportunities to learn mindfulness meditation/coping skills and to practice it in a supportive group setting. In today's environment, mindfulness meditation can provide a fresh, new way to cope in a more constructive and positive way with the difficulties and challenges that we are facing as individuals and as a community.


Group members will have an opportunity to share what they have struggled with in a very real and open way about how they have utilized mindfulness in order to more effectively cope with many different types of life challenges.


Group facilitators will share how mindfulness practice has helped them to continue to develop their coping skills and how it can help to cultivate a greater quality of life.


Gatherings will consist of:

  • Two 10 minute meditation sessions, alternated with two 5 minute quiet walking meditation sessions.
  • Group and individual sharing of experiences that they had while meditating.
  • Brief meditation instructional and experiential talks will be provided at the end of the gathering.


Donations accepted


Group leader

Jeff Krisman



(405) 246-9078






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